Healing? Or something else?

The last couple of nights I have had something strange happen.

I wake up and felt a light pressure and vibration around my heart. The first time it happened, I thought “Here we go” because it took me by surprise.

Last night I just went with it.

And today I feel a lot better.

I really should stop smoking. Quitting is easy. I’ve done it many times. But now it’s getting to the point where I don’t enjoy it anymore.

I’ve been sleeping with Verrine’s sigil under my mattress so this might be His doing? He is a healer.

Well, I’m still alive

Last night I was wondering if I was going to wake up dead 😉 before finally falling asleep. I’m joking about it but I am also being kind of serious about it.

This warm-one-day-and-cold-the-next weather really screwed me up. This happens every year at about this time. I’m just weak and don’t feel like doing much of anything. It messes with my heart and breathing. But once it warms up for good, I’m good to go.

It did get me to thinking about death though. Was I afraid? No.

I am just kind of coasting along. This is a big problem with so-called “old souls”. It’s not based on ego where I think too highly of myself as being more advanced than most others. Being such a person has it’s own set of problems. Ain’t nuthin easy.

The biggest problem in my opinion is that there is a sense of detachment, of not really giving a damn about what most people think of as being important. What that means in practical terms is I don’t belong, so I am a loner and always have been.

I think I could be perfectly happy living on a suitable island all by myself. Younger souls wouldn’t understand that. I understand them better than they understand me.

I do hope this is my last incarnation. There is nothing drawing me back here. I don’t recall ever saying “I wanted to do this, that and the other”. I don’t see having any regrets on my death bed. I want to move on.

Verrine and dreams?

Verrine is a “demon” known to demonolators. He(?) is not found in the Goetia but in the Dukante hierarchy. I was attracted to this demon for some reason.

Anyway, I made his sigil and placed it between the box spring and mattress, hoping for dream contact but also without any expectation on my part.

I rarely remember dreams, but I remembered dreams from 2 nights in a row. That is unusual.

Dream #1, I was fishing. That was normal, except that I used a slab of BBQ ribs for bait. Other than that it wasn’t too weird. Maybe that was a missed opportunity for going lucid?

#2, last night. Involved drugs, a gunman in a car, a police chase with me as a passenger in the cop car, and other details too strange to document here. But again it all kind of made sense, not like the usual dreams I have where sometimes nothing makes sense.

The easy way

What is the easiest way to ___________________?

I find it interesting how many times I see that question on an occult forum. And on probably on other forums too.

And I thought I was lazy…

It’s like a New Yorker asking the easiest way to get to a San Diego beach. “You want me to fly? But then I have to buy tickets, then pack, then take a cab to the airport, work my way thru the TSA granny gropers, get aboard the plane… Can’t you just teleport me to the beach?”

It’s the journey that is interesting. That is where we learn. When we reach the goal, that goal is just another starting point for another journey.

I think it was Jacques Cousteau (sp?) that said “the difference between an adventure and an expedition is preparation”. Or words to that effect.  Which ever way you go, whether it’s an adventure or an expedition, you learn, and in my opinion that is why we are here.

I wonder if my comment will be posted

Perhaps I should hold my breath waiting for it to appear? What could possibly go wrong? Surely they believe in freedom of expression. Right?

Here’s Jerry Falwell Jr making sweet love to Donald Trump. Here is a piece of that article:

Falwell said he was impressed by Trump’s hospitality on the flight.

“He offered us food, … so he brought out Wendy’s cheeseburgers,” Falwell said. “He ate cheeseburgers, and we ate cheeseburgers. Then he put on a concert. He found out that when I grew up in the 70s, I was an Elton John fan. So, he put the concert on the big screen. He was doing it all himself. He was the one serving the food. He was the one waiting on us. I thought it would be like caviar and something fancy, but it was cheeseburgers — Wendy’s cheeseburgers.”


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